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Domestic Tarmac - Construction of a Tarmac Driveway

This 25 year old Tarmac Driveway needed to be completely removed and replaced. The customer also requested an extension of the drive onto the lawn area, pavior block edgings and an additional drain to prevent a problem with water which had been pooling by the front door.
A 6mm sized aggregate Tarmac was used for a smooth, durable surface and white granite chips were rolled into the driveway for decoration. 


Tar and Chip Surface Dressing - Natural Looking Golden Gravel Driveway

For an attractive, durable and natural finish, without the harshness of black tarmac (especially on larger areas) surface dressing, also known as 'tar and chip' can be an affordable alternative. Tar and chip involves the spraying of hot bitumen, into which the desired aggregate (golden gravel, grey granite, etc) is embedded.
The bitumen cures and can be used by vehicles within half an hour of application and can cover either tarmac or concrete surfaces.
This process gives the impression of a 'deep filled' gravel or stone driveway, but without the problems of wheel ruts, rain water pooling and the like.   


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